Antelope 500 Series Welded / Standard Bow Centralizers



  Product 500 Series

  Product 507 Series

Standard Bow Hinged Welded Centralizer

Standard Bow Hinged Welded Centralizer w/Turbo Fins

The Hinged Welded Standard Bow Centralizer is designed to have a very low starting and running force while giving substantial restoring force. These centralizers, as all other AOT products, are manufactured within a quality system governed by API Q1 and ISO 9001 specifications; although we do not advertise as carrying the API Monogram. API 10D test have been run on several sizes for performance characteristics only. These centralizers are typically maintained in stock in all popular hole sizes. Numerous varieties are available, including Turbo Fins to aid in annulus turbulence and with integral set screws when running a stop collar is not desired. The 500 Series Centralizer Line is developed to allow for the widest variety of options which may arise in a casing running program.
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