Antelope 400 Series Rigid / Positive Centralizers






  Product 400

  Product 413

  Product 47X

  Product 480

  Product 490

Positive Welded Centralizer

Straight Blade Welded Slip-On Centralizer

"SPIRAFLO" Spiral Blade Welded Slip-On Centralizer

Rigid Non-Metallic Centralizer *

Liner Band

Antelope manufactures a wide variety of positive (typically hinged) and rigid (typically slip-on) centralizers. These centralizers may be ordered with or without set screws. We recommend running the slip-on rigid centralizers between slip-on stop collars rather than with set screws, to reduce drag by allowing the casing to move within the centralizer as a bearing. We recommend rigid centralizers in 5" length designs to further reduce drag, while maintaining a rigid standoff. The Liner Band (Product 490) is designed to create a positive standoff when running liners, and should be run between slip-on stop collars.

* US Patent No. 5,908,072

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