Antelope 200 Series Stop Collar Products


200 Series

  204 Series

212 Series

Hinged Friction Grip Stop Collar

FASGRIPTM Stop Collar with Case Hardened Dogs

Slip-On Set Screw Stop Collar

These stop collars are designed to be run inside centralizers (on either side for rigid slip-on) when running over a coupling is not available or desired. The 200 Series Friction Grip Stop Collar is the most commonly used in standard hole size combinations. The 204 Series FASGRIPTM Stop Collar has the highest holding force with minimal scarring of the pipe and is easily installed on the casing. The 212 Series Slip-on Set Screw Stop Collar is most commonly used in close tolerance hole situations and when excellent holding force is desired on either side of a rigid centralizer when not running set screws.
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